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Geology Deputy of Geological Survey of Iran: without accurate geological map there is no chance to do properly industrial and construction projects

Geology deputy of GSI at opening ceremony of the third symposium on Geological map declared preparing base data as geological map is major mission of GSI. This symposium was held at 24th July, 2018, concurrently with 59 anniversary of founding GSI. Deputy geology of GSI, Alireza Shahidi added "this organization founded at 24th July of 1959 with support of United Nation and holding this symposium simultaneous with founding GSI would be fruitful.

Shahidi stated that without accurate geological map there is no chance to do properly industrial and construction projects, however in spite of great effort of GSI for preparing Geological map, most of these base information is ignored during national projects, as a result it cause irreversible damage, most prominent example is Gotvan Dam.

He said that mineral exploration, providing base and practical information by both geology and exploration deputy. Geoscience research and promoting information is important element, additionally data is available for researcher.

Shahidi said base data of geology is applicable in different fields such as exploration, geohazard, defining location of new town, industrial development and pipe line of water and fuel. 1:100000 and 1:250000 geological map have been provided at the same time according to country needs.

Shahidi said that 1:100000 is the most applicable geological map in country, these maps have been provided by the GSI. Preparing geological map in deserts and area and near boundary have been considered low priority.

He said since 2004 GSI according to country needs have prepared 1:25000 geological maps and 250 maps have been published.

He said that definitely 1:25000 maps are more accurate than 1:100000. 1:25000 maps include layers such as geology, economic geology, engineering geology, environmental geology, geohazards and hydrogeology and geomorphology.

Shahidi mentioned that Geology Deputy of GSI have provided base marine geological data. As a result, Atlas of Sedimentology and Sedimentary geochemistry of Persian Gulf, Atlas of Physicochemical specification of Persian Gulf, investigation on sedimentology and sedimentary geochemistry of Caspian Sea in Iran territory, 1:100000 Geomorphology map of onshore, integration of geological map and sedimentology in onshore, map atlas of sedimentary of lagoon at marginal sea and map atlas of dam lake was prepared.

Shahidi said since Iran is located in high risk region, preparing geohazard map is necessary. Flood hazard, land slide risk, seismotectonic, Subsidence in Alluvial Aquifer and fault maps is prepared by GSI.


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